Behind the Scenes of God Complex: Artemis


God Complex: Artemis is a passion project for Tara Chadwick and Wendy Woody.  They had a dream to tell an action-adventure story where two women just happen to fall in love while saving the world.  Through hard work, preserverance and the endless support of friends and family, their dream has become a reality.  Despite living in two different cities, Tara and Wendy have managed to produce, write, shoot, direct, star in and edit a feature film that comines the fantasy of modern day Greek gods with the everyday affairs of the heart.

Cast and crew worked tirelessly over days, months and even years to bring God Complex: Artemis to life.  Through trial and error, writes and rewrites, shoots and reshoots, and numerous caterings by Subway, the film found its footing.  The dedication of those in front of and behind the camera will not be forgotten.

Shot in the Los Angeles area, God Complex: Artemis has taken 5 years to go from script to screen and is ready to make its debut in 2016.